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Michigan tourism – most interesting places

Cleaning Up With Attractions In Detroit

I have never been to Michigan, but I am fairly certain that Detroit is not as bad as people say it is. The crime rate is so high that people seem to forget that there are so many things in the city to adore. Think about it this way: Every city has a rich history and it is up to you to find it. That is why I am making plans to visit the city next year. I want to look past all of the bad things I hear all of the time on the news and explore the city.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not headed to parts of the city that are known for having a high crime rate. I plan to stay downtown in one of the hotels there and visit a few museums, landmarks and other great places. If I have a great time, I plan to share it with all of the people I come across online and offline. ¬†I was in a chat room with a guy that owns a duct cleaning company (, and he gave me a few tips about touring Detroit since he grew up there. Communication like this will help people understand that something that is always seen as being ugly can have a very beautiful side as well. I guess I will be finding that out soon enough.

The Tourism Industry In Michigan Is Strong Despite A Ravished Economy

Michigan tourism offers some of the most diverse and picturesque landscapes throughout, and there are beaches, yes. I could tell you all kinds of interesting places to visit in Michigan, and I haven’t even been there yet. I’ve known people that have lived there, and they always say it’s a great place. My friend that now owns a limousine company ( did tell me that he lived in a poorer section, and Detroit has taken a hit as a mega city in recent years. Still, Michigan’s tourism industry is thriving even under that pressure.

Michigan is home of the Pistons, the Tigers, the Wolverines, the Red Wings and so many other sports teams. Whatever season you visit Michigan, you should catch a game when you can. If I were to choose which game I would want to see, it would be either a Tigers game or a Red Wings game. I’ve only been to one hockey game before, and it was so much fun. There is a lot of action at hockey games.

Other interesting places I might visit include the Meyer May House in Grand Rapids, Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park in Ontonagon and Stearns Park in Ludington to enjoy the beach. Those are just some of the places that would be on my list. What type of attractions are your favorite?

The Most Interesting Places In Michigan

I love Michigan and I think you will too. This is why you should go there. Here are some of the most interesting places in Michigan. After you read this article, then you can consider going to Michigan to visit those places.

Lake Michigan is one of the best places to visit, and you can go swimming , boating, fishing or just relax along its shores. Asides from Lake Michigan, there is the Henry Ford Museum, which is where you can learn about American history and American culture. The museum is open daily, so feel free to go there any day of the week.

If hiking is your thing, then go to Porcupine Mountains. Tourists love it there, but not only for the camping because you can go backpacking, camping and skiing there. Also, there are waterfalls you’ll want to see while you’re there.

If you’ve never been to Michigan, then you’re definitely missing out because there are many interesting places you can go to. The ones discussed in this article are only a few. With that said, book your trip to Michigan and visit the Porcupine Mountains, Mackinac Island, Henry Ford Museum and Lake Michigan, as well as other tourists spots not discussed.

What Are The Most Interesting Places For Michigan Tourism?

What are the most interesting places for Michigan tourism? That was never a question I have asked myself or anyone else, and yet there it was as a search suggestion in our home computer’s address bar last night.

Not only that, it was highlighted in such a way that I knew it was not a recommendation of the search engine, but something someone in my home had actually used to look for things.

It had to have been my husband. The kids have their own accounts and passwords on the computer. So what in the world was my husband up to?

I remembered. We had to skip a summer vacation because of a work project I had, and I promised him he could take me on an autumn vacation once things settled down.

Apparently he has decided on Michigan tourism for our next vacation, and I am fine with that. We have never been there, and the most interesting places lists that came up as a result of my own search showed some intriguing places and events. The fall color alone looks like it is worth it, but I had no idea there so many breweries are there too. My mouth is watering just thinking of the local craft beers. Let’s go now!

Hello and Welcome!

Hey there! My name is Maz and I love adventure! My life’s passion is travel, and I’d love to travel the world someday. For now, I wanted to explore my own back yard and write about my home state of Michigan. The gorgeous¬†state of Michigan tourism offers plenty of interesting places to visit.

Michigan is a beautiful state with two very distinct areas according to the residents there. There is the upper peninsula and the lower peninsula. A friend of mine that used to live in Michigan would tell me about visiting his grandfather who lived in the upper peninsula. I always wanted to visit the state, but I haven’t had the chance just yet to see the most interesting places for tourism in Michigan.

You can imagine that there are some great attractions. On one travel site, the top three places to visit in the state are The Henry Ford in Dearborn, the Detroit Institute of Arts in Detroit and the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids. My friend lived closer to Flint, and his grandfather lived in Paradise. One of the attractions in Paradise is listed as one of the best in the state at #11. It is Tahquamenon Falls State Park. The picture of the falls is gorgeous.

There is also the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners and so much more. One of these days, I might just finally make it to Michigan. I would definitely want to visit Clio, Flint, Detroit and Paradise. Many of the state’s top attractions you can imagine are in Detroit.

Tourists In Michigan Can Enjoy These Beautiful Attractions

It does get pretty cold up here in Michigan, but it is still a great place to visit year round. It’s beautiful in Michigan during the fall, especially in certain rural areas. If you’re not a wintertime person, then choose the summer and get your plans together to visit these great attractions in Michigan.

When you’re looking for the most beautiful places in Michigan, one attraction you want to experience is Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. This attraction is found in Empire, and the picture I noticed featured the sun setting over the lake. Then you have Mackinac Island State Park, which is also beautiful and located on Mackinac Island of course.

While you’re on the island, you also want to take a ride on Shepler’s Ferry. There is also Comerica Park in Detroit where the Tigers play, Sugarloaf Mountain in Marquette, Miners Castle Rock in Munising and the Motown Museum, again in Detroit. You will notice that there are quite a few state parks throughout Michigan, and they are all worth visit, quite beautiful. Dow Gardens in Midland also looks very beautiful. Whatever kinds of attractions you’re looking for, Michigan has them available for you and your family to enjoy.