What are the most interesting places for Michigan tourism? That was never a question I have asked myself or anyone else, and yet there it was as a search suggestion in our home computer’s address bar last night.

Not only that, it was highlighted in such a way that I knew it was not a recommendation of the search engine, but something someone in my home had actually used to look for things.

It had to have been my husband. The kids have their own accounts and passwords on the computer. So what in the world was my husband up to?

I remembered. We had to skip a summer vacation because of a work project I had, and I promised him he could take me on an autumn vacation once things settled down.

Apparently he has decided on Michigan tourism for our next vacation, and I am fine with that. We have never been there, and the most interesting places lists that came up as a result of my own search showed some intriguing places and events. The fall color alone looks like it is worth it, but I had no idea there so many breweries are there too. My mouth is watering just thinking of the local craft beers. Let’s go now!