I love Michigan and I think you will too. This is why you should go there. Here are some of the most interesting places in Michigan. After you read this article, then you can consider going to Michigan to visit those places.

Lake Michigan is one of the best places to visit, and you can go swimming , boating, fishing or just relax along its shores. Asides from Lake Michigan, there is the Henry Ford Museum, which is where you can learn about American history and American culture. The museum is open daily, so feel free to go there any day of the week.

If hiking is your thing, then go to Porcupine Mountains. Tourists love it there, but not only for the camping because you can go backpacking, camping and skiing there. Also, there are waterfalls you’ll want to see while you’re there.

If you’ve never been to Michigan, then you’re definitely missing out because there are many interesting places you can go to. The ones discussed in this article are only a few. With that said, book your trip to Michigan and visit the Porcupine Mountains, Mackinac Island, Henry Ford Museum and Lake Michigan, as well as other tourists spots not discussed.